All of our coffees are roasted weekly to ensure quality and freshness. The Bucks County Coffee team is committed to making your coffee experience enjoyable! We work closely with our supply chain to ensure that there is a commitment to the environment every step of the way. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy a great cup of coffee, we will cover the rest.



Coffee is a global commodity that starts out as a tiny seed in the middle of a dense thick forest. Sourcing the best coffee is the first and most important step in our roasting process. In order to ensure the best product and purchasing practices, we work closely with our farmers. We connect with farms that are innovators in the coffee growing world. These farms that not only have the best practices for their crops, but also the best practices for their farmers and laborers

Hand Roasting


A roasting profile is not achieved through color of the bean or time of roast alone. All variables must be accounted for and sampled throughout the roasting process. No crop will roast the same way twice. The roast process is periodically reviewed with a “tryer”; this primitive tool allows us to sample the coffee throughout the roasting process. Not only can we see the color of the bean, but also the smell and physical development of the bean from inside the roaster. We relentlessly sample throughout the roasting process in our hopes to achieve a perfect roast each time



A cupping is the tradition of sitting down at a table and letting your taste buds go to work. There is no right or wrong in the cupping process. What one tastes and what the next person may notice could be completely different. It’s not about where the coffee takes you, it’s about where you take the coffee. You may taste cocoa or caramel while the next person will have hints of tobacco and honey. While cupping is about knowing what tastes are presented, its ultimate goal is to determine the collective flavors of each harvest. Oh and enjoy a friend’s company while savoring some good coffee.